• 04 billion y

    roviding continuing aid to residents relocated to

    uan▓ from the fund for developing railways, 9.621

    make way for the construction of large and med

  • billion yuan from civilia

    ium-sized reservoirs and the 56.392 billion yuan rolled over into this year, total expenditures amounted to 308.553 billion yuan. Revenue from funds controlled by local governments rea

    ched 1.311069 trillion yuan, up 34.5%. This ▓


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huge increase was mainly the result of the incorporation of all the income from the transfer of land-use rights into local budgets. Total revenue includes 1.037528 trillion yuan from the transfer of land-use rights and compensation

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and medium-sized

ts to farmers for land ▓expropriations, a large increase of 113% primarily attributable to the widespread increas▓e in the level of compensation paid to farmers dispossessed of their land; and 128.622 billion yuan ▓for developing and

y▓ tickets, and 68.491 billion yuan from operations of the foreign exchange funds controlled by the


protecting farmland; 14.165 billion yuan for building low-ren▓t housing; 36.988 billion yuan for developing rural infrastructure and developing and protecting primary farmland; 303.532 billion yuan for pr▓omoting urban development;

cludes 20.456

ll Text: Report on China´s economic, social development planBEIJING, March 15 (Xinhua) -- The following is the full text of the Report on ▓the Implementation of the 2008 Plan for National Economic and Social Devel▓opment and o

he fund for

developing railways, 5.313 billion yuan from civilian airport administration and development fees, 10.185 billion yuan from port development fees, 20.547 billion yuan taken from profits

n the 2009 Draft Plan for National

Economic and

Social Deve▓lopment, which was submitted on March 5 for rev

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